When the temperature drops and food supplies become increasingly scarce, squirrels make their way ever closer to our homes.

This often raises the question, ‘will squirrels move into our loft?’

If there’s an opportunity to do so, then it’s likely. Like any animal trying to survive the harsh winter conditions, squirrels will do anything they can to secure food and shelter.

If there are any gaps in your property, squirrels may become a problem as they can potentially make their way inside. Even if it’s only a small hole, they can use their teeth to make it bigger. They also gnaw through soffits, fascia boards, window frames and lead rain flashing to gain access.

While they can enter at ground level, squirrels are more likely to gain access to your home at a higher level. Squirrels are impressive at scaling even vertical walls but typically, they’ll use nearby trees or wires to get onto the roof and then enter via the chimney or roof tiles.

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