If you’ve spotted one in your garden before, you’re probably wondering, will a fox keep coming back? How you can stop it from becoming a pest, no one wants a problem with foxes.

While there’s a chance it was just passing through, you’re likely to see foxes return time and time again if:
There’s a water source such as a pond, fountain, swimming pool, puddles or a pet’s water bowl.

There’s a food source such as bins, pet food or you’re feeding other wildlife such as birds or hedgehogs. Even natural fertilisers which contain bonemeal, blood or fish are guaranteed to attract foxes.

Your garden is messy and overgrown or has a shed or decking. All of these provide shelter and a safe place to hide.
You keep small animals such as birds, chickens, rabbits and Guinnea pigs in your garden.

You leave tools, shoes or toys outside overnight. Pups will use anything as a chew toy and adult foxes will defecate on them to mark their territory.

If you have a fox infestation, please get in touch with Prokill and we will eradicate the problem quickly, safely and effectively.