While many of us like to see birds in our garden, pigeons are one of the few that are best kept away. As well as eating your plants, they can cause damage to your property and introduce disease-causing organisms.

While the odd pigeon is to be expected, if you’ve noticed a sudden influx, this could be a sign of a pigeon infestation.

Why are there so many pigeons in my garden?

There could be several reasons why pigeons have suddenly been drawn to your property.

• There’s an easy food source. Pigeons aren’t particularly fussy so they’re likely to eat anything from seeds, grains, fruit and breadcrumbs to rubbish, worms and old pet food
• They’ve gained access to an outbuilding such as a shed or greenhouse. They may then use your garden to scavenge for food and/or nesting materials
• You have a bird feeder. While it’s nice to attract birds which aren’t pests, if you’re prone to pigeon infestations, it’s probably best to avoid feeding other wildlife
• There’s somewhere safe for them to nest. If you have lots of trees in your garden, pigeons are likely to nest in them. While it’s unlikely you want to remove the trees completely, it can help to keep the branches trimmed back. You can also install decoys such as scare-pigeons and anything with a reflective surface (such as a mirror or CD)

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