As more of us look to make long-term savings on our energy bills, solar panels are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. With a 36% annual growth rate, the solar industry is growing so fast that it’s estimated that half the current global total will be being installed every year by 2020.

It seems that us Brits are particularly keen on solar panels as Britain is currently installing solar capacity quicker than any other European country. Unfortunately, it’s not just humans who are benefiting from this however. Pigeons have discovered that solar panels provide the ideal nest location as the panels provide protection against the elements.

The problem however is, the presence of pigeons on your roof not only looks unsightly, it can also lead to blockages within your guttering thanks to pigeon fouling and nesting material washing down the roof during heavy rainfall.

Naturally, these blockages can lead to expensive repairs and since the increase in demand for solar panels, Prokill has seen the number of pigeon-related enquiries go through the roof.

Speaking about the issue, Kevin Lawrenson from Prokill commented:
“The installation of solar panels provides ideal shelter for nesting birds. The sheer presence of nesting materials and fouling leads to damaged solar panels or blocked drain pipes and ultimately, if left untreated, leaks and large repair jobs. This is fast becoming the largest source of residential bird work in the UK.”

He continued:
“What started a few years back as the odd enquiry for residential problems with pigeons nesting under solar panels has boomed over the past few years and has led to the development of specific bird-proofing measures being designed to solve this problem.”

How to stop pigeons from nesting on your roof

Pigeons are scavengers and will feed on nearly anything to make sure there are no possible food sources on your roof – it’s particularly important to check this if you have a flat roof.

Ensure that your garden is clean and that no food scraps are left out or have been pulled out of your bins by other animals.
Store rubbish bags in metal bins with securely fitted lids so that pigeons can’t gain access to the contents.
Clean up any pet food or bird debris. If you store pet food outside, make sure you do so in strong containers with fitted lids.
Ensure that other materials such as twigs and leaves are removed from around your property because pigeons will use them to build their nests.

What to do when pigeons nest under your solar panels
Prokill has two methods available to deter pigeons from using your solar panels as a nest location. We can install mesh around the solar panels or Probird Solar Guards. Both methods are proven to deter pigeons from these locations.

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