We may be accustomed to seeing bugs in the great outdoors, but we certainly don’t want them in our homes or work premises. Unfortunately however, because we’re well and truly into spring by the time April comes around, we’re far more likely to see insects both inside and outside.

Below we’ve highlighted the bugs you’re most likely to see at this time of year. While one or two in the home is to be expected (especially if you keep windows open), if you’re seeing an unusually high number, you may have an infestation.

Bees and wasps

Queen bees and wasps come out of hibernation before the rest of the hive. The first thing they need to do is eat, otherwise they risk dying within one day. While they’re more likely to seek wild spring flowers, if you have flowers in your home, this could attract them.

Bees are considered pests because they can sting you and cause damage to property by building nests in places like chimneys and wall cavities. Despite this, they play a crucial role in the environment and their numbers are declining so please don’t kill them.

Trying to remove a bee or wasp nest yourself can also lead to multiple stings which could be fatal if you have an allergic reaction. If you’re worried you have an infestation, contact Prokill as soon as possible.


House and cluster flies start to make themselves known in the spring as they search for food. As we all know, flies aren’t fussy when it comes to what they eat so any food sources can attract them including sticky countertops and crumbs which have fallen on the floor.

Cluster flies mate in spring so as we get closer to summer, you’re going to start seeing even more of them.

As well as being annoying, flies carry diseases so it’s important to get a potential fly infestation looked at as soon as possible.


Spiders tend to keep well hidden in lofts, cupboards and even the inside of walls during the winter months. As it starts to warm up however, they become a lot more active.

While they are beneficial to households because they eat other insects, a lot of people are scared of them and don’t like the thought of them being in their home.


Most of the UK’s beetle species emerge at the beginning of spring. They can be a big nuisance because our food is also their food which means they’re eager to tuck into our supplies. What’s more, carpet beetles can cause damage to clothes, curtains, carpets and furniture.


The average ant colony contains thousands of ants so you really don’t want your home or business premises to fall victim to an infestation. As well as being unpleasant to have around, ants crawl on your food, certain species can bite, they can get inside your bed, build nests inside and they spread allergens.

If you’re worried about an insect infestation this spring, please contact us and we can book you in for a free, no obligation pest control survey.