Naturally, the pharmaceutical industry is faced with stringent sanitation requirements which means that there’s a zero tolerance policy towards pests. This includes:

– Flying insects– these pests pose the greatest risk to pharmaceutical facilities. The most common flying insects found in these areas are house flies, fruit flies, bluebottles, drain flies, cluster flies and flesh flies
– Crawling insects– cockroaches cause particular problems because of their ability to hide in small places, they produce rapidly and they carry a number of diseases
– Rodents– rats and mice
– Birds
– Stored product insects – beetles, weevils, moths and mites

High levels of hygiene are essential because it’s key that production lines are sterile and that you’re complying with good manufacturing practice guidelines. This applies to all aspects of your business regardless of whether it’s your clean rooms, workwear, products or equipment.

The reason why these high standards are in place is to ensure the strength, quality and purity of final products are maintained so that they’re safe and effective for patients to use. Even the smallest changes in any of these factors can have serious consequences for consumers.

If you do have a pest problem, it can be incredibly costly – especially if it isn’t dealt with as quickly as possible. The contamination of raw materials, store rooms, laboratories, production areas, packaging and finished products will result in huge economic losses because you will have to halt production and throw products away.

Further consequences of a pest problem include:
– Damage to your reputation and brand
– Loss of trust from customers, suppliers and industry leaders
– Production downtime which will eat into your profits
– Loss of orders, customers and revenue
– Claims for compensation
– You may be subjected to legal action from regulatory or public health authorities

Why use Prokill?
Prokill is made up of highly trained and fully qualified pest control technicians. We pride ourselves on the fact that we always put our customers’ needs first and have developed techniques which have been tailored to the pharmaceutical industry as a result.

Our PestAdvanced service has been created to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the industry. We also understand that it’s crucial for you to remain compliant with current regulations and will therefore provide detailed documentation for your audits.

The benefits of PestAdvanced:
– We can carry out detailed pest risk assessments
– You’re provided with a bait, detector and fly control checklist
– We can use metal detectable internal baiting if needed
– Baiting and detection points are dated on inspections
– Annual reviews are conducted by your dedicated account manager
– Field biologists will visit your premises and provide you with detailed reports
– Detailed site plans and fixed date visit schedules are provided

In order to avoid harsh punishments, stay in business and maintain their reputation, it’s absolutely crucial that pharmaceutical companies comply with good manufacturing practices. Our specialist expertise can provide industry-leading solutions which will protect against pests, detect possible infestations and safely deal with any pests which are present.

For more information about PestAdvanced, please feel free to call us on 053 9420224 or contact your local Prokill technician online.