Many times when we are called out to deal with rodent infestations a similar pattern emerges. The client suffers an electrical failure or a flood and calls in the electrician or plumber. The tradesman carries out the required repairs and all is returned to normal.

However, when dealing with adult rats it important to remember that they are a creature of habit. And so it was with a case that our technician attended recently. The homeowner had filled the sink in the kitchen, cleaned the dirty plates and pulled the plug out to drain the dirty water. Before much longer she was standing in water as it cascaded out of the cupboard below the sink! Out goes the call to the plumber who identified a chewed out pipe and duly fitted a replacement.

However there is a substantial hole which rats have used to access the wall cavity and associated staining, known as smear marks. unfortunately, the pipe then passes through the inner wall into the kitchen sink pedestal where a much smaller gap existed. Not deterred by this the rats eat away the pipework to gain access into the kitchen.

Twenty four hours later the homeowner filled the sink, washed the plates, pulled the plug and got wet feet. As you can see, the rats have beautifully replicated the original damage to the pipework. The moral of this little story is always dig a little deeper to find out why there was a hole created in the first place and maybe get in a pest controller before the plumber!