If you’ve noticed scratching or other strange noises coming from what sounds like the inside of your walls, you may think you’re going crazy. Be rest assured however that it’s unlikely the case. Scratching in walls is actually a sign that you could have a rodent infestation. While this is preferable to going crazy of course, it’s still not ideal.

How do you know for sure you have a mouse or rat infestation however and it’s not simply a tree limb brushing against the house on a windy day or noisy neighbours?

Signs scratching in walls is a rodent infestation:
The sound is particularly noticeable at night (rodents are more likely to be active at this time because there’s less chance of humans being around)
You may notice droppings around your home
There are signs of chewing – they may have gnawed away at insulation, floorboards, furniture, food items or skirting boards
There’s a strange ammonia smell in your home

If you notice any of these signs, please call a local pest controller as soon as possible. Rodents can cause significant damage, especially if they’ve found their way between walls where there’s often electrical wiring.