The last thing any business wants to face is a rodent infestation. As well as being incredibly unsettling for your employees, if word gets out, it could also be disastrous to your reputation.

Whether you’re running an office for your staff or your business is customer focused (such as a shop or restaurant for example), below we explain how to get rid of mice at work.

Encourage employees to be vigilant
Food is the quickest and easiest way to encourage a mouse infestation. When you have multiple employees on site all day however, it can be incredibly difficult to manage this.

Ask your staff to observe the following good practices which will help to get rid of mice:
Bring and store all food in a tightly sealed container
Clear out cupboards regularly and wipe away any food debris
Clear up spills immediately
Wipe down all surfaces at the end of the day
Clean up any crumbs dropped on desks, in keyboards and on the floor
Don’t leave cakes, cookies or any other shared food out overnight
Keep food in the kitchen rather than in desk drawers

Store rubbish securely
Businesses generate a lot of rubbish on a daily basis which is very appealing to mice. General rubbish provides lots of good hiding places and food rubbish is a nice easy meal for rodents.

Ensure that kitchen bins are emptied and taken outside on a daily basis. Once outside, store any rubbish in a secure bin with a tight fitting lid so mice can’t get inside. If possible, also try to store the bins as far away from any doors as you can.

Eliminate water sources
Mice will also look for a water source as this is crucial to survival. Remind everyone to wipe up any spills immediately and at the end of the day, also try to ensure that all taps and sinks have been dried.

If you have any leaking taps or pipes (whether it’s inside or outside), get them repaired as quickly as possible.

Check for potential entry points
Mice can fit through holes as small as a quarter of an inch so it’s worth taking the time to do a thorough inspection of your premises. If you notice any holes or cracks in the building, seal them up with concrete, mortar, steel wool or metal flashing.

Call Prokill
If your business has a mouse infestation, we highly recommend that you call a professional pest controller on 053 9420224 as soon as possible. Not only is this for the sake of your employees and reputation, depending on which industry you’re in, it may even be a legal obligation.

As well as helping to identify and contaminate problems quickly and successfully, we also offer ongoing services which helps to prevent issues occurring in the first place.

Pest+ is the ideal solution for commercial properties and includes an initial risk assessment, a free pest control risk survey, regular checks on lures and netting, detailed reports, free call-outs and more.

PestAdvanced caters for the ever-changing needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries and includes risk assessments, internal baiting, fly count analysis, annual reviews, detailed reports and much more.

To book in for your free, no obligation quote or pest control audit, please get in touch with Prokill today on 053 9420224 or complete our online enquiry form.