When spring arrives, we’re not the only ones who enjoy getting out and about. You’ve no doubt noticed that at this time of year, you’re likely to start noticing bugs around the home.

There are a number of reasons for this. The first and most obvious is that we’re more likely to leave windows and doors open. This makes it very easy for bugs to make their way inside and they’re going to be increasingly tempted to do so if they have access to food such as a fruit bowl.

The other reason we’re more likely to see bugs from spring onwards is because they’re not active during winter. They enter a state called diapause which means they hardly move at all. Their metabolic rate is just high enough to keep them alive so while in diapause, they’ll keep themselves safely hidden away.

Nobody wants bugs around the home however so below we share some easy ways to get rid of them.

Natural bug repellents

We’re becoming increasingly conscious of the chemicals we use around the home so if you prefer a natural bug repellent, below are some great ideas:

• Mix 10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil with 225ml of water into a spray bottle. Shake and spray the mixture around doorways, vents and windows. This solution helps to keep ants, spiders and mosquitos away
• Neem oil kills over 200 species of insects but isn’t harmful to humans or other wildlife. You can buy it already mixed in a spray bottle and it can also be used on indoor plants to help keep aphids and flies away
• Lavender will leave your house smelling great while repelling moths, fleas, flies and mosquitos. You can leave sachets of dried lavender around the home or mix 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil with 225ml of water and spray the solution around the house

Install screens on windows

If you live near woods or water, your home is likely to be prone to insect infestations. A great way to prevent this is to install screens on your windows. This will enable you to let in some fresh air without worrying about bugs making their way inside.

Remove food sources

All pests are attracted to easy food sources and insects are no exception. You can make your home less appealing by making it as difficult as possible for insects to find food.

• Store open ingredients in sealed bags, Tupperware or glass jars
• Empty bins regularly and store them in a secure bin outside, far away from windows and doors
• Don’t leave pet food out overnight
• Clean up spills and crumbs immediately
• Wipe down counters regularly
• Don’t leave food (especially fruit) out
• Wash dishes immediately after eating

Check for leaks

Certain bugs, including mosquitos and cockroaches are drawn to water. Always drain the water from sinks, wipe up any spills and check for leaking or dripping pipes, sinks, appliances and bathroom fixtures.

Call pest control

Your local Prokill pest control expert will be able to banish bugs from your home quickly and effectively. What’s more, they’ll share lots of great tips with you to prevent them coming back again.

Simply give us a call or book an appointment online. We’ll provide you with a free audit and quote and you’re under no obligation to use us even after we’ve completed the consultation.