As we approach the winter months there may be many things you’ll be thinking about right now, should a pest control audit be one of them?

Do I need a pest control audit?
Pest control audits are always good practice for any business. They are however, especially important as we come into the colder months for a number of reasons.

• Winter is a common time for pests to make their way indoors
• Hygiene is more important than ever and customers want to know you’re doing everything possible to keep them safe
• Full-blown infestations can be costly which is the last thing any business needs right now. If you catch them early however, they’re much easier to treat
• An infestation could lead to closure until it has been dealt with. It would be incredibly frustrating to have to close your doors so it’s a good idea to deal with any potential issues as soon as possible
• It prevents future outbreaks so you can focus on running the business smoothly
• It gives you complete peace of mind

How do I book a pest control audit?
Simply get in touch with Prokill and we’ll book you in for a free, no obligation audit.

You can opt for this one-off service or you can sign up to one of our ongoing offers if you’re looking for a long-term solution.

Pest+ has been designed for low dependency commercial areas. As well as ensuring that help is on hand should an outbreak occur, we also work with you to create prevention strategies.

Why choose Pest+ for your business?
• You receive an initial risk assessment and a free pest control risk survey
• We provide you with tamper resistant and safe pest baiting
• With each visit from us, we’ll provide a report detailing the pest control services that were undertaken
• Ongoing recommendations for housekeeping and proofing
• Free callouts for pests covered under your agreement
• Peace of mind that you’re using a pest control company that meets CRRU regulations

PestAdvanced is our most detailed service specification and is ideal for businesses within the food or pharmaceutical industries. We can tailor this service to suit your audit requirements and provide detailed documentation to ensure that you’re covered.

We also ensure that you’re compliant with current legislation and regulatory bodies as well as constantly changing audit requirements.

Choose PestAdvanced for your business will give you access to:
• Risk assessments
• Baiting and detection points are dated on inspections
• Insect count analysis
• Annual reviews by a dedicated account manager
• Field biologist visits
• Detailed reports
• Detailed site plans and fixed date visits

For more information about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Prokill on 053 9420224 and a friendly member of the team will be happy to help.