There are many theories surrounding mole prevention. While some are highly effective, others (such as putting down moth balls) are dangerous because they’re toxic to other wildlife.

In this blog, we answer the common question, ‘do coffee grounds keep moles away?’

Coffee grounds give off a strong odour which instantly repels moles. You can simply sprinkle fresh or brewed coffee grounds throughout the garden after making your morning pick-me-up.

You can repeat this daily until the moles are gone and then once every two weeks to stop them returning.

Avoid spreading coffee grounds around seeds or seedlings because it may inhibit germination and growth. It’s also a good idea to compost any coffee grounds before you add them to your soil.

Please remember that mole infestations should be dealt with in accordance to CRRU regulations to prevent causing harm to other wildlife. If this is something you need help with, please get in touch with your friendly local Prokill team.