How to stop birds becoming a problem?

January 16th, 2024|0 Comments

Left to their own devices, birds can become hugely problematic for both commercial and residential properties. This is especially the case with pigeons and seagulls who are classified pests for many reasons. • The acid [...]

What are the four different types of pests?

January 1st, 2024|0 Comments

A pest is classed as an animal which could be harmful to humans. They may for example damage crops, livestock or forestry, cause a nuisance by invading homes and work spaces or cause illness by [...]

Why squirrels are a problem in winter

December 5th, 2023|0 Comments

While many of us love to see squirrels running around while we’re out and about, we’re not so keen on them loitering around our properties. There’s very good reason for this too. If they manage [...]

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